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Dynamic Quality Assurance®

Dynamic Quality Assurance(sm)

At Prince Agri Products, we approach product quality and safety in a dynamic, comprehensive and systematic manner. Our customers rely on us to provide quality tested products that have passed our rigorous Dynamic Quality Assurance® (DQA) process. DQA is a part of the culture at Prince, central to all of our processes. We are committed to bringing you the finest ingredients that support your goal of providing sound nutrition for healthy animals. We clearly communicate and explore with our domestic and foreign suppliers to assess the intended use of all materials that enter and flow through the Prince supply chain.

The relationships we have with our suppliers — like the ones we’ve built with our customers — are based on trust and confidence. And we won’t allow those to be compromised. We have the policies, analytical procedures and laboratory team in place to monitor known hazards and to continuously attempt to identify previously unknown hazards.

Through DQA, Prince Agri Products has earned the AFIA Safe Feed/Safe Food certification. This program was created in 2004 to demonstrate and ensure continuous improvement in the production and delivery of a safe and quality feed supply for the growth and care of food-producing animals.

Safe Feed Safe Food

Prince Agri Products, Inc. facilities at Marion, IA, and Quincy, IL, hold valid certifications under the American Feed Industry’s Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program.

DQA: A five-fold program:

  1. Education of our employees, suppliers, and customers.
  2. Process reviews to identify potential quality issues, contaminants and points of contamination.
  3. Ongoing analysis to confirm effective implementation of established controls.
  4. Identification of unknown hazards to ensure continuous product integrity.
  5. Adaptability through continuous improvement to meet ever-changing feed safety issues.

For more information on DQA, please contact us.

DQA® is a servicemark owned by Phibro Animal Health Corporation and its affiliates.

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Universal Testing™

Prince Agri Products established its laboratory, Universal Testing, in 1982. Built on years of experience evaluating mineral products for use in numerous industrial and feed applications, Universal Testing quickly earned a reputation for superior analyses and comprehensive evaluations.

Universal Testing’s customer base includes companies involved in animal feed, pet food, chemical manufacturing, mining, heavy media and pharmaceutical products. We stand ready to help you address your quality needs in an effective, economical and efficient fashion.

Unsurpassed experience

Universal Testing focuses on elemental and physical analyses of minerals and inorganic chemicals. This focus gives us insight into appropriate sample preparation and allows us to plan for and avoid potential interferences that can result in inaccurate analyses. We are the first choice when difficult assays are required.

Unprecedented turnaround times

Universal Testing offers a normal turnaround time of 5 days. Yet there are times when you just can’t afford to wait. We now offer a same-day, in addition to next-day, service for many of our analyses. This service requires advance notice and special handling, so please call to make arrangements.

Save time and money without sacrificing accuracy

Wet chemical titrations have been the proven methods of choice when assaying the major elemental content of ores and inorganic chemicals. We have developed a number of new inductively coupled plasma spectrometric methods (ICP-OES) that provide the accuracy and precision of the classical wet chemical titration with lower costs and faster turnaround times. We have maintained the ability to run the wet chemical titrations and continue to offer them to customers who require these methods. We also utilize them as confirmatory tests to back up our ICP assays.

Investing in the future

Universal Testing maintains cutting-edge technology and instrumentation to ensure the best functionality and reliability.

New technology

  • New technology is not limited to analytical instrumentation but also applies to information technology. We have just finished the implementation of a new Laboratory Information Management System that will allow for better sample tracking, enhanced data integrity and improved reporting.
  • A new Atomic Absorption Spectrometer allows us to reach ppb levels for several heavy metals by employing hydride and cold vapor methodologies. It also expands our analytical capacity for elemental determinations.
  • We have developed improved time-, pressure- and temperature-controlled Digestion Techniques that limit error associated with inconsistent sample digestion and dilution. These new techniques employ a combination of microwave technology and hot block digestions to minimize variability while maximizing throughput.

New laboratory facility

We have been steadily growing since we opened Universal Testing in 1982. Our current lab was built in 1993, tripling the size of our laboratory. Today we find ourselves in a similar situation, struggling to find space for new technology and added workload. To answer the need we have broken ground on a new laboratory facility that will again triple the size of our existing facility. We expect to complete construction in mid 2009 and look forward to the move.

Put our expertise and experience to work for your company.

For more information on Universal Testing, please visit our website at http://www.mineral-analysis.com.

To submit a sample to Universal Testing, click here.

Universal Testing
Erich Jacobsen, Manager
Telephone: 217-222-8872
Fax: 217-224-3719

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Mineral-ingredient evaluation

We offer a complete battery of tests for the evaluation of mineral ingredients. Universal Testing can successfully evaluate trace mineral premixes by utilizing physical and chemical methods of separation. The following is a list of some of the techniques used:

  • Elemental analysis
  • Identification of major compounds
  • Bio-availability
  • Water solubility
  • Analyses for toxic elements
  • Particle size and other physical characteristics

Download our Printable Sample Analysis Request Form (PDF, 22K)

Download our Printable Feedstuffs Sample Analysis Form (PDF, 106K)

Where applicable, all elemental assays will be done by instrumental analysis, unless otherwise requested.

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Universal Testing™ is a trademark owned by Phibro Animal Health Corporation and its affiliates.

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